Jumat, Desember 10, 2010

Popular Traffic Widget For Blog

Hallo. Welcome again to my blog. Today i put  on my blog, traffic widget for my site. Acctually maybe many people have information for choose any free traffic widget for her blog or website.
Feedjit  that the name. Just click on there, or click here
So Let we start how to make your traffic Widget.
1.     1 . After you on above word, and your browser work, your browser will show like this picture :
             2. After the loading  finish,Click On Choose Your Feedjit

3.      And will show you


4. Chose what ever you want. If you still find some money (just kidding), try for Feedjit Completely Free. You will have traffic widget for free. And click on Sign Up. Wait for process.

Set your Feedjit widget apperance. And make sure that the Feedjit apperance, match with colour in    your site. The colour,size and number of the last visitor will show to you.

4.                      5.  Done?? Scroll down your mouse.

Chose which one site, you will install your Feedjit widget. And Click Go!.
5.                                Put your Feedjid widget on you blog. Thank you.

            If you can just Leave some  coment before you go. And i hope it will give adventage for you. See you


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