Jumat, Desember 10, 2010

iPad 2, Rumor Or Fact

Waw i get rumor on Internet. From CNN edition. Unbelievable that soon Apple will release Ipad 2 on the world market. But i still don't know that it's true or only hoax. For the first generation of ipad when apple release, its outstanding product for this century. So how about the second generation?

Many people want to have this tablet. Because many facility inside there which can help people,let alone for people which focus on business on less of time to sit with conection Internet at home.
Next-gen iPad could begin production as early as the first quarter of 2011. In this generation, Ipad will support with dual camera. So the user can easily take picture as like as he or she want.
Waw amazing. When it will release? Still don't know. But if have information, share with us.


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