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10 Tips for an Amazing Valentines Day

Valentines Day, also known as Saint Valentines Day, is a holiday which is celebrated each year on February 14th.  Valentines Day is the traditional day in which lovers express their love for each other by sending each other Valentines cards, flowers, or candy.  The holiday is named after two Christian martyrs named Valentine.  They became associated with romantic love and the day came to be. 

Today, most people associate Valentines Day with the exchange of love notes and other symbols of their love.  If you are looking for some ways to show your love this Valentines Day, here are some tips to get you started:

Tip #1 – One of the best things you can do on Valentines Day is to write your lover a love note.  Don’t send an electronic greeting or purchase a card, spend the time to write an actual, traditional love note to someone you care about.  Your love note does not need to be long; however, it needs to be handwritten with some thought having gone into it.

Tip #2 – If you have zero writing skills, then instead of an all out love note, you can write down a list of the things you love about your lover.  A simple “I love you because…” list can go a long way to showing someone how you care about them. 

Tip #3 – Place your love note on your lover’s pillow or if you will not see each other in the morning then you can have it delivered to them with some flowers or candy. 

Tip #4 – If you want to add some creativity to your Valentines Day gift then you can create a scavenger hunt which your lover will have to follow around your house to find their gift.  You can leave clues around the house which all lead your lover to find the next clue, and then ultimately to find your gift to them. 

Tip #5 – If you have a variety of gifts for your lover then you can start at the front door and run a string from one gift to another.  By doing this, your lover has to follow the string to get to their next gift.  You can use inexpensive kite string from the dollar store to string your gifts together. 

Tip #6 – Rather than going out and fighting the crowds on Valentines Day, you can celebrate it at home by cooking for your lover, or you and your lover can cook a meal for each other, together.  Cooking at home can be both romantic and a lot more fun than going out and paying for an expensive meal out. 

Tip #7 – If you are looking for a non-traditional gift to give to your lover this Valentines Day, consider making some coupons for them that they can redeem for a variety of things throughout the year.  You can make them for simple things like washing their car, or for more sensual gifts.  Thanks to home computers and cool paper, you can make some really great coupons or gift certificates in the comfort of your own home. 

Tip #8 – If you are single this Valentines Day, there are many fun ways which you can spend the day or evening with friends.  On fun way to spend the evening is to have a “Valentines Day Sucks” party with your other single friends.  Each friend brings a romantic comedy movie and their favorite junk food to the event.  You spend the evening making fun of sappy movies and eating as much junk food as you want, just for one evening.

Tip #9 – Another fun way to spend Valentines Day if you do not have a lover to share it with, is to go to a very expensive restaurant with a friend and order the foods you have always wanted to try – including desert.  Take a long evening to enjoy the food and company of a good friend. 

Tip #10 – If you will not be seeing your lover until a day or two after the big holiday, you can wait to purchase your flowers or candy until the later date and save a ton of cash. 


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