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Obesity is a serious problem. It happened because there is too much fat on human body. Basically fat that consumed were store into fat cell in case that body need more energy after calories from carbohydrate used up. And now lots of people eat lots of fat and rarely do significant physic activities while physic activities can burn the fat calories. This condition disturbs the balance of calories-in and out and it may bring bad diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, arthritis, and maybe cancers. So this is why Obesity is a serious problem.
There are some causes of obesity, such as, consuming too many calories, consume something too much is not a good idea, hold your appetite for a while by drink water of eat vegetable. The next cause is sedentary lifestyle, people in this century waste lots of time by sit to watch TV, doing some papers, play video game, and far away from physic activities. Less sleeping time can twice the possibility of obesity, how come? By awake all night long, your body will produce lots of Ghrelin hormone that can stimulates your appetite and reduce Leptin hormone that can hold down your appetite. The last cause is medication treatment you may have, some medicine make your body needs to consume more calories than usual.


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